Our main goal is to help you own a house you never thought was possible.We travel across Nigeria even to your village if we need to.You may not want to buy a land in an expensive estate. Perhaps, you already inherited one land from your parents, that's what we are talking about. But if you want to buy, we have reliable Agents for that.
One more interesting thing is that we also help you save the money.
Our platform supports you to save and also manage your finances. Log in with your email and you be amazed at the information you can get. Our idea is genuine, easy and guaranteed.
Give it trial. We promise you will not regret it.

This Idea was born due to the following reasons.

  • Trust issues between people in diaspora and family, friends and relatives.
  • The inability to save money in bulk that will be sufficient to buy a house
1). Trust issues: The negative report between Brothers, Sisters and extended family members living abroad. When asking people to help you build house at your absence, only few people succeeded Without having to share “stories that touch”.
Is either you spend a lot more than you should or the money was completely diverted.

2). Inability to save money in bulk:
Due to our daily expenditures, it is almost impossible to make money that will be sufficient enough to buy you a house at once. Hence, we always have to follow the bank saving tradition in order to save up, until We able to acquire a home of our choice. This very familiar tradition has become a little more difficult to achieve, without having to encounter other financial obligations that will counter the major target. This can be frustrating for those who are very familiar with the difficult challenge when it comes to saving money for a big project like build your own house. However, We offer to build for you even while you are still unable to make the complete instalmental payment of the carefully calculated project worth. We consider the architectural house plan that you give us(upload), while our professionals are always ready to evaluate the plan, in order to give us the correct financial estimate value for the house project.  See our list here

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