Frequently asked questions

By signing up or giving an assent to our contract, you have agreed to the following rules:
  1. Will entrust us with your money and housing project. You have also giving us the mandate to build your house in your piece of land that you may have shown us.
  2. That will respect and pay the full amount that was carefully calculated from the house plan that you presented to us.
  3. That you will put into consideration, the" year limit" to which the payment must be fully made(depending on how much).
  4. That we are allowed to apply, collect the certificate of ownership on your behalf and keep it until the full payment of the house-cost is completed.
  5. That, in case you are unable to complete the payment due to the following reason; 
  • 1. Deportation
  • 2. Illness
  • 3. Unemployment
  •    4. Death
your money will be paid back to your NEXT OF KIN and only 5% of the total amount deposited so far will be withheld. ( this will allow us to pay our organization workers).

Well, go to the main menu select my account then start saving money  
Our constant and direct phone conversations including one on one meetings will tell you how serious we take you. We take your security serious! We feel the same and also aware of the entire internet fraudsters. So, we will not be surprise that you have these concerns, But no worries at all. We are real people who have shared the same personal experiences like you. Trust us and no worries!
Well, as soon as you become our client. We will open a file for you and constantly update you as to how much you saved. This will happen every time you carry out any financial step. We will also send you an email/SMS containing your financial statement to that effect. You can also get this information when you log in to this website with your email address.
In such case, we will understand your position. Either you want us to give you some more time to figure things out or get the refund to start a new life over there.
Remember only 5% of the deposited amount will be withheld for the sake of our workers.
Well, We will calculate the total amount according to house plan that you chose, then ask you to start your savings with us until 60-70% of the total amount. To that end, we will start building your house till the very end of the project without stop. After that, your family can move in. while you continue paying to 100% before the certificate of ownership is given to you.

Example: If you chose to build a house that cost total of 10 million naira,
you are expected to pay 6 million before we move to your site.
However, we do not stop until the end. You can complete the balance later even after moving in.
In this case, please let us know. We have the possibilities to extend the "time limit" of payment for you. 
Talk to us. We will understand you. Refund is always going to be a guarantee in our policies.
First we will look for ways to help or encourage you to continue. But if that option is beyond control, then we will explore other option maybe refund your money.
This is why we ask you for the name and contact of your NEXT OF KIN before we open a file for you in our office.

Your NEXT OF KIN can continue "if they wish" or get your money back.

You are also left with an option to choose whether they should continue or get the refund in case of issue like this.
No! But we have your money with an accredited banking institution. your money is very safe and secured.
Well, that's a nice question.
But, there is one and only problem that we here to resolve. That's constructing your house on your behalf. Help you put your hard eared money into judicious use by giving accurate accountability and the evidence is the physical reflection of it."If you would have saved your money in a bank. It means, you will still need to spend it thereafter. The problem that we are trying to help you avoid will still show up later. Saving your money with us will show you a clearer picture of your plans and a form of guarantee.
We are here to help.
Use the opportunity.
It doesn't happen always.
You can't always be there, but with us? you are always there.

A brief scenario;

It could be challenging to have been an employee for years, without having to be able to own a house. Every time you plan to start, something else shows up to still the money from your savings account.
If you live abroad and you fall into this category of people, you are not alone.
Sometimes, it happens in a way of waiting to get some weeks off from your job before you can travel for the project. Then all of the sudden something happens again. In each case, your financial assistance is always required
We are impressed that you have been able to save lives of your loved ones, but at the same time there should be a way to resolve issues of taking one step forward then another backwards.
We are here to help!
However, Cases like this can also happen when you fearfully try to prevent inevitable cheat from people you don't know much about. To be continued...