By signing up or giving an ascent to our contract, you have agreed to the following rules:

  1. Will entrust us with your money and housing project. You have also giving us the mandate to build your house in your piece of land that you may have shown us.
  2. That will respect and pay the full amount that was carefully calculated from the house plan that you presented to us.
  3. That you will put into consideration, the" year limit" to which the payment must be fully made(depending on how much).
  4. That we are allowed to apply, collect the certificate of ownership on your behalf and keep it until the full payment of the house-cost is completed.
  5. That, in case you are unable to complete the payment due to the following reason; 
  • 1. Deportation
  • 2. Illness
  • 3. Unemployment
  •    4. Death

your money will be paid back to your NEXT OF KIN and only 5% of the total amount deposited so far will be withheld. ( this will allow us to pay our organization workers).